Individualised Services

The services provided by SPOTC are:

  1. An assessment using the Allen Cognitive Level Screen, 6th Edition (ACLS-6) to obtain a baseline score
  2. A carer interview to verify the score
  3. Basic and instrumental activities of daily living assessment to address activities necessary for the person to live
  4. More specific assessments and problem solving with carers to address specific concerns to make individualised adjustment to meet the client and carer's goals
  5. Exploration of suitable matched activities that will keep the person occupied and happy
  6. A comprehensive report.

Medico Legal Reports

Reports maybe used for medico legal purposes. Susan has experience in completing medico legal reports and has provided reports for the NSW Trustee and Guardian to assist with determining what level of care a client requires in the least restrictive environment. Her reports have been used as expert evidence with good results.

Consultation Services to Residential Aged Care Facilities

A specialised service may be provided to set up quality of life programs for groups or individual residents. Training services may be provided to staff members on how a reduction in the quality of information that captures a person's attention affects how they view their world. Strategies are provided for managing difficult behaviours and methods and schedules of effective activities are recommended. This non-pharmacological method of treating difficult behaviours is supported with evidence based practice.

Interest Groups

If you are an occupational therapist working in Sydney, you are welcome to join me in a number of interest / study groups running throughout Sydney. If you have a group of therapists interested in forming your own interest / study group and want assistance starting up, please contact me for further information.